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Africa dating customs

Death rituals in Africa are deeply rooted in the cultural beliefs, traditions, and indigenous religions of the continent.

In 1830, the French attacked Algiers and took control of prime land.

But it was not enough; the struggle for independence continued.

After eight years of warfare, in which over a million Algerians died, Algeria finally won its independence in 1962.

Rituals are as much a celebration of the role of the dead as it is mourning his passing, The "right" burial ensures that the ancestor doesn't remain to haunt and exert power over the living, but instead rests in peace and protects the family.

This belief comes from a common African concept that life and death are on a continuum of existence, with death seen as just another state of being.

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Rituals evolved through the infusion of Christianity, Islam and modern changes, but traditional themes survive in Africa and among people of African descent in the Caribbean and the Americas.