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Datingbuzz limited

It is called 'benching', according to the New York magazine Beta Male, and this form of non-committal behaviour is allegedly the result of online dating.This hair-pulling type of contact means that just as the 'benchee' has come to terms with moving on, the bencher gets in touch and once again a list of implausible excuses are made to excuse the bad treatment.It also has a signup form that let you create your dating profile free of charge.It is easy to follow through the site and meet your match even without an app."We can send a nice message and keep people interested with a few taps of the thumbs. ) from the bencher and keeps options open with the benchees." The reason people keep a lover hanging, rather than ditching them out of kindness, is because there are so many options to choose from.

It is safe, it has a global reach, and it uses high-tech technology features.

Don't worry, this is normal - everyone has been there so don't hate yourself for not walking away sooner. Dating experts Selina and Vicki, from Project Love, told the uk that more people are experiencing benching due to a rise in the popularity of dating apps.

They said: "Online dating has made it easier than ever to bench people.

The site provides you with a secure, safe and a hassle-free environment where you can meet new people and form new connections.

As a South African dating site, most of the people on the site are from different cities in South Africa.

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It is important to note that Dating Buzz allows religious and queer connections.

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