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Prodata support does not have the access permissions to do so.If there is an issue that cannot be resolved with the help provided here then it may be necessary to email Davis support directly on [email protected]– please remember time differences and that it may sometimes take 2-3 days for a response.In this case, please review the Weatherlink IP configuration by local software topic.This explains various ways of checking the IP address of the logger and testing whether the logger can be contacted locally.In particular, it is important to confirm that the IP address of the logger has not been changed by the local router and that the logger’s web interface can be reached via its IP address.NB (Not applicable to the logger because it is not a subscription product): For subscription products that upload to (ie the Weatherlink v6 software uploads and Connect options) then an obvious reason for uploads ceasing is that the current subscription has expired.But if you are also using the IP logger to connect to provide a weather data feed to other local software but are encountering problems with this then the first check is always to see if uploads to are still proceeding normally (assuming that these have not been disabled in the web interface).

See the ‘Expansion Module’ topic in the main Weatherlink online Help for further information.

For this reason, it is rarely necessary or useful to try reinstalling Weatherlink itself.

(Running the reinstall routine can however help to reinstall driver.

The main Weatherlink for Windows program is written by Davis themselves.

It has absolutely no known Windows compatibility issues whatsoever and is hardly ever the source of communications or other software issues.

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The driver not being installed or configured correctly and are very unlikely to be directly connected to the main WL program.

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