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It should be taken with a large grain of salt and not viewed as a definitive measure of any individual editor's worth.There are many reasons why a total number of edits usually does not indicate quality of work, quality of an editor, or significance of contributions.Users who do not wish to be on this list are welcome to replace their names with "Placeholder" and add themselves to this anonymizing list for future versions.Visitors to this page may well ask themselves, "Why does this list exist?This is not a race, it is a collaborative project, and it can always use more level-headed collaborators willing to learn how it all works.Let the reader beware: this list is a reference summary only.A = Analog Talkgroup D = Digital Talkgroup M = Mixed Analog/Digital T = TDMA Capable Talkgroup--A trailing lowercase e represents partial encryption.

Thus, there may be a significant disparity seen between the counts listed below when compared with other counting methods.

What is the value of organizing editors by number of edits (especially in light of the Caveat lector section below)?

Are all editors not considered equal in the eyes of Wikipedia regardless of how many edits they may have made?

Here are some of the most obvious: In light of all of that, we encourage you to consider that edit count alone does not directly correlate with the effort put into improving Wikipedia, nor does it, in isolation, reflect actual competence, knowledge, or authority.

Also, of course, we encourage as many people as possible (including you!

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