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Wygnancy online dating

The former village of Mount Vernon, in the town of Eastchester, was chartered as a city in 1892; the remaining portion of the town was continued under the name of the town of Eastchester. A State Engineer and Surveyor, in place of Campbell W. At the same election, the electors of this county will also vote for: A Justice of the Supreme Court, for the Second Judicial District, in place of Augustus Van Wyck. A Member of Assembly, Second District, in place of William J. A Member of Assembly, Third District, in place of John Gibney. All County Boards of Canvassers meet on Tuesday, Novem ber 15, for canvass of votes. The representative of the county was first elected in the southern portion of the county, later, under act of Novem- ber 25, 1751, elections were held in the vicinity of the Presby- terian meeting house, at White Plains. John Drake and John Hunt, 1699 to 1701 Henry Fowler and William Willett, 1701 to 1702. The Legislatures, after each of said apportionments, divide their States into Congressional Districts. This clause reads, "and be it further enacted that it shall and may be lawful for the said company to em- ploy all such surplus capital as may belong or accrue to the said company in the purchase of public or other stock, or in any other moneyed transactions or operations not inconsistent with the constitution and laws of this State, or of the United States, for the sole benefit of the said company." Taking ad- vantage of powers thus bestowed, the Manhattan Company im- mediately established a bank, the principal design of the in- corporators, and did no more toward introducing water than was necessary to maintain the charter.

Reference is made elsewhere to the early courts of the county, established at the county's organization in the borough of Westchester, and remained there until 1759. A Justice of the Supreme Court, for the Second Judicial Dis- trict, in place of Jesse Johnson, appointed to fill vacancy, caused by death of Justice Osborn. The electors made known their choice by a viva voce vote. William Willett, Joseph Purdy and Josiah Hunt, 1702 to 1705. Under acts of 17, Westchester county united with other counties in the election of representatives to the 1st, 2d, 3d and 4th Congresses. In December, 1831, it looked as if the New York Common Council would decide that the source which united the most advantages was the Bronx Kiver, when Cyrus Swan, President of the New York and Sharon Canal Company, addressed a com- munication to the Council, in which he claimed that, "a supply which shall be adequate to the present and future wants of the MANUAL AND CIVIL LIST.

He trusts that as a book of reference it will be found invaluable.

The compilation aud piesentaliou of llii.s work is lai-Kclv (iue to tlie urgent solicitation and support of prominent ollicials and residents of Westchester County, lieeognizing the necessity of securing, while data m yet available, as complete a record as possible of officials connected with the County's history, and estimating that the preservation of such record, in convenient book form, will be of practical value, in the future as well as at the present time, the author and compiler, at great expense, has completed the work.

Morrisania was formed from West Farms, December 7, 1855. Smith, (R.), received in that portion of the county being a part of the district, 4,798 votes, and in the portion composed of the annexed territory, 138 votes; Jared Sandford, (D.), received in the county 5,392 votes, and in the annexed territorv 332 votes. Regular Party, with County Clerk or City Clerk, not later than October 20; Independent not later than October 22. Tomp- kins, Benjamin Smith, Gouverneur Morris, Gilbert Drake, Zebediah Mills, Ebenezer Lockwood, Jonathan Piatt and Lewis Graham. As the result of Burr's labors, the Legislature, on April 2, 1799, incorporated the Manhattan Company, (known now as the Manhattan Bank,) under, ''An act for supplying the city of New York with pure and wholesome water." The capital stock of the company was not to exceed two million dollars divided into shares of fifty dollars each.

Kingsbridge was formed from Yonkers, December 16, 1872. In the Second Assembly District, MANUAL AND CIVIL LIST. Mairs, (K.), received iu the county 4,059 votes, aud iu the auuexed territory lio O votes; William J. Regular Party, with Secretary of State, not later than October 15; Independent, not later than October 20. Within three days after filing of any certificate of nomina- tion, objection can be made. The Fourth Provincial Congress, which assembled at the court house, in the town of White Plains, in this county, con- tinued in session from July 9, to July 27, 1776; on July 29, a session was held at Harlem which continued until August 29, and after holding sessions at Fishkill and Kingston, the Con- gress finally dissolved, at the latter place, on May 13, 1777. Tompkins, Pierre Van Cortlandt, Ebenezer Lock- wood, William Paulding, Lewis Graham, Gouverneur Morris, Jonathan Piatt, Lewis Morris, Samuel Haviland, Benjamin Smith, Zebediah Mills, Gilbert Drake, attended as this county's representatives. In the long list of United States Senators, representing this State, the name of only one person from this county is found, that of Gouvemeur Morris, of Westchester, who was elected on April 3, 1800, and served until February 1, 1803. Representatives in Congress, who are elected by districts, must have been seven years citizens of the United States, and have reached the age of twenty-five years. The City of New York was permitted to subscribe for two thousand shares of the capital stock and availed itself of this privilege.

The act of 1683, referred to, reads: "An Act to divide the Province of New York and dependencies into Shires and Coun- tys, etc." "Having taken into consideration the necessity of dividing the Province into respective Countys, for the better governing and settling courts in the same, be it enacted by the Governor, Council and the Representatives, and by the author- ity of the same, that the said Province be divided into twelve Countys as followeth: The County of Westchester, to con- teyne West and Eastchester, Bronx-land Fordham, Anne Hook's Neck, Richbells, Miniford's Islands, and all the land on the maine to the eastward of Manhattan's Island as farre as the government extends, and the Yonker's land, and northward along Hudson's River as farre as the Highland." "This bill having been three times read before the Governor and Council, is assented to, the first of November, 1683." It is presumed that the county was named in honor of Chester, England, the title having been bestowed after the English occupancy. Attempts have been made to change the mode of selecting a President and Vice-President, to have them chosen by the di- rect vote of the people; though such attempts have failed, the agitation has had the effect of exhibiting a strong sentiment in favor of the proposition. Democrat, 3,788 Whig, 3,153 Democrat, 3,133 Whig, 2,293 Democrat, 3,009 Whig, 1,749 Democrat, 4,354 Whig, 4,083 Democrat, 4.412 Whig, 4.258 Democrat, 2,146 Whig, 4,312 Free Soil, 1,312 Democrat, 5,283 Whig, 4.033 Democrat, 4,600 Whig, 4,450 Republican, 3,641 20 MANUAL AND CIVIL LIST. Even the proposed addition of the Rye ponds, the IJyram River and the Saw Mill River, also in the county, as tributaries, did not secure the selection of the Bronx.

Also, containing the portraits and biographies of distinguished men connected with the County's early history, as well as of prominent officials of the present time. A great amount of tedious and exacting labor has been found necessary to render it so, partly owing to the fact that the compilation of such a work has never before been attempted in this county. , The author takes this occasion to publicly tender his thanks to all who have rendered assistance to him, assuring them that but for such invaluable aid his labor might have been more than disproportionably increased. Two of these, Cornwall and Dukes counties, were subsequently attached to other States. By this act the Southern District, of which Westchester county was a part, was allowed four and the other districts three electors each. Blaine, 1888 Grover Cleveland Benjamin Harrison, 1892 Grover Cleveland, Benjamin Harrison, 1896 William Mc Kinley, William J. Palmer, Union, 8,100 Republican, 6,771 Democrat, 9,35y Republican, 7,593 Democrat, 11,667 Republican, 9,641 Democrat, 11,112 Republican, 10,223 Democrat, 12,050 Republican, 9,547 Democrat, 11,858 Republican, 11,367 Democrat, 12,524 Republican, 11,286 Democrat, 14,948 Republican, 13,779 Democrat, 16,091 Republican, 13,456 Republican, 19,357 Democrat, 11.770 Gold Democrat, 650 MANUAL AND CIVIL LIST. In 1677 other wells were located in different sections in the lower part of what is now the city. Prior to the formation of counties, and under the Dutch rule, the only divisions were the cities and towns. The Electoral College meets every four years; prior to 1812 it met at several different places; in the latter year an act was passed fixing Albany as the permanent place of meeting. As the population increased, the well water be- came polluted by organic matter, and insufficient in quantity for the growing wants of the community and the citizens sought more ample sources of supply. Special articles, relative to matters deemed of public import ance, have been recorded in the hope that they may prove inter esting and instructive. As far as possible the development of each department has been shown.

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A great part of this county is con- tained in the manors of Philipsburg, Pelham, Fordham, and Courtlandt, the last of which has the privilege of sending a rep- resentative to the General Assembly. The lands are in general rough but fertile, and there- fore the farmers run princiijally on grazing. Burr, (R.), received 13,117 votes; Willard Bartlett, (D.), received 12,691 votes. The Congressional District, of which Westchester county was and is a part, or a whole, has been rep- resented in the Electoral College, from time to time, by the following named: Stephen Ward, Eastchester, in 1792 Lewis Morris, 3d, Westchester 1796 Pierre Van Cortlandt, Jr., Cortlandt 1800 John Herring, Rockland County 1804 Ebenezer White, Yorktown 1808 Philip Van Cortlandt, Cortlandt 1812 Peter S. This strong opposition compelled the Common Council to pass a resolution requesting the Legislature to make such laws as might be deemed proper for ;n'coniplishing the introducti- n 22 MANUAL AND CIVIL LIST.

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